Thursday, May 3, 2012

fancy filing

Next up on fixing up my office: Organize the files on my bookshelf.  

If you remember from a few posts back, this is what my files looked like:
How great do those files sitting on that second shelf look? And let's face it, not a lot of absolutely no filing was getting done with them like this.  Not to mention, that power strip is just gorgeous! Ha! 

So, I set out to find a small-ish file box that I could keep in this office.  We have more files, but I only keep the current files that are used on a regular basis for consistent bills, up here.  I keep an archive elsewhere in the house for old accounts, and other paperwork that we only need once a year or so.  

I took a trip to trusty Target and found this beauty for $12.99!  
This file box is about 10" tall, 13.5" wide and 6.75" deep, so it is a perfect fit for my bookshelf!  The top just flips up, and it comes with some white folders and tabs.
It is perfect to go right in front of the ugly power strip and hide all the cables to my office equipment.
I absolutely adore this box, and it makes my filing so much easier!  And now, I'm over half done with the checklist, and getting to the really fun stuff!  I'm on the hunt for pre-made curtains, or fabric for curtains now! Thinking maybe a small print with some white and yellow...Hopefully I will find something soon!

Office Checklist
  • Paint Walls
  • Paint Woodwork
  • Paint Accent Wall
  • Paint Hardware
  • Organize Files on Bookshelf
  • Add Curtains
  • Keep Cornice/Move Cornice?
  • Add Art/Accessories
  • Add something to front of desk

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