Monday, May 7, 2012

estes park

This past weekend marked 4 weeks until our wedding weekend!  And, my goodness, it was beautiful! It was about 70 degrees, sunny, and clear.  It was absolutely perfect, and I hope our wedding day is just as beautiful.  Had to get a shot of this handsome man, who will soon be my husband!
We hadn't been to our wedding venue in Estes since September, so we thought it would be best to check it out again to make sure we didn't forget anything.  Turns out we had forgotten a lot! For instance, I thought my walk from the top of a hill to the start of the aisle was about 5 feet...but turns out it's actually more like 75 feet!! It's going to be quite the entrance!

While driving around the wedding venue, there were so many Elk out along the roads (I think they were getting ready to play some frisbee golf!).
It was so much fun to be at the ceremony site again, and think that the next time we would be up there would be for our rehearsal.  Getting more and more excited everyday!

Before heading back down the mountain, we decided to check out the Stanley Hotel, since neither of us had ever visited it before.  It is such a beautiful place; and I cannot imagine how much work they put into it, to keep it so crisp and white.
 It was a beautiful day, and so much fun to go back up there! Let the official countdown begin (27 days)!

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