Tuesday, May 15, 2012

bronzed beauty

So sorry I've been so MIA these past few weeks.  Last Monday, I started getting sick, and I have been pretty stinkin' sick since then! So after a week of laying around, drinking fluids and just generally feeling terrible, I'm about at 85% now.  Despite being sick, I had a wonderful Birthday weekend, and will share more about that in the next few days.

Before I got hit with this bug, I started a lamp project, and wanted to share part 1 with you.  A few weeks months ago, we were at my favorite, the ReStore, and picked up this lamp for $4.  
It's about 12" in diameter at it's largest point.  I grabbed the bronze spray paint we are using on the hardware in our house, and sprayed a few coats.  Then, I sprayed a quick clear coat to give it a nice sheen.
I also picked up this lamp shade at the ReStore for $1, and have a plan to give it a nice textured look.
I hope to finish the lamp shade this week, and will share as soon as I do! Only 19 days until our wedding, so my to-do list is getting quite long!

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