Friday, April 13, 2012

quick fix

When we moved in (over 3 months ago), we were overjoyed to be in our own house, and super excited about our 5-piece master bathroom.  Double sinks, soaking tub, beautiful tile in the shower, etc. Plus, we finished painting a few months ago, and we love the color
But, the first morning we were in the house was January 5th, (hello, winter!) and we quickly realized that our bathroom was FREEZING. We took a quick look around, and realized that there was no vent in the bathroom.  "HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?"  I finally move to a house that has central heating (vs. baseboard heaters), and my bathroom does not get any of this heat?  Then, after further inspection, we noticed a spot on our linoleum that was oddly discolored in the shape of a vent.  So clearly there was supposed to be a vent, but the builders didn't cut the hole, or install it.  

My next question is "how in the world has this issue never been addressed?"  Our house is 11 years old, and no one ever noticed that there was no heat in this bathroom, or that the floor was discolored?  Ugh.  

I failed to take the picture of the floor discolored before Matthew cut a hole for some immediate heat.  But here is the hole; and if you look really closely, you can see the discoloration.  
So, this is where it gets embarrassing.  Matthew cut this hole that first day that we discovered that the vent was missing (January 5th), and we did not purchase a vent ($4.97) until last month when his parents were in town and we were at Home Depot with them. Then, this vent did not get installed until last night!  We were cleaning upstairs and finally just got the utility knife and got to work.  

I'm not kidding when I say this is probably the easiest home improvement project I've ever done.  All we had to do was cut the hole with the utility knife to the right size (and our flooring is linoleum so it was E-A-S-Y).  Plus, it was even easier, because we had an outline from the discoloration.  
Two minutes later, the hole is cut, and we pop this sucker into the floor.  Done! And so much better to have real air flow in the room (and no silly looking hole anymore)!

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