Thursday, April 5, 2012

quick box makeover

When we moved into our house, we had absolutely no painting supplies, so we went out and bought a kit for like $10 from Home Depot and it came in this box.
We had just moved in, and I had just finished my desk for the office and needed some storage on the bookshelves.  So, this box became a place for envelopes, thank you cards, and other office supplies/random things.  
Pretty isn't it?  Really brings a lot of sophistication to the space (sarcasm alert!). So, it sat there for the last three months, while I had every intention of making it beautiful.  Finally, yesterday I was in a super DIY mood, and I did it!

First Step: There is a lip on the box, so I had to cut it off and tape the side to keep it up.
Next, I had to paint the box with a quick coat of black to cover up the words and different colors on the box.  I used a light burlap to cover this, so you could see everything.  If you were to use a heavier fabric, you could skip this step.  I actually used fabric paint because that's all the black paint I currently have on hand.

You probably wouldn't even have to paint the inside, but I put WAY too much paint in the cup and wanted to use it up.  Then I set this to dry for about 15 minutes.

I had some light burlap-y fabric leftover from the anniversary pillows I made for Christmas to cover it with.
I started by getting a large square of the fabric and pulled it over the sides. Inside, I folded over the extra fabric to create a nice smooth line.  
However, the dimensions of my pieces were a little off, so it made my project a little bit more difficult.  My remnant was not a large enough square to cover the insides of the sides of the box, so I had to add an extra piece to each side.  
Don't do what I did!  I would recommend just having a piece that is large enough so that you can pull your fabric all the way down, and end up with a much cleaner look.

Then, I took another piece of cardboard (it was from the box Matthew's electric guitar kit came in), and cut it so it fits inside the box, so it will cover the bottom.
I also wanted to dress up the box a bit, so I made a cute bow. I cut three pieces of ribbon I had on hand; one about 12", one about 8" and the last about 3". Took each of the longer pieces and hot glued their ends together creating a circle.
Looks like a funny face! Then, I flattened out each of the circles and placed the shorter length on top of the longer length and hot glued them together.
 Then, took the shortest piece and wrapped it around the center and hot glued it in place.  
I ended up gluing these pieces together a bit more so I didn't have a floppy bow on my box, but more of a flat, understated bow.  Then I wrapped ribbon all the way around my box, hot gluing it at the corners.  I avoided gluing too much around the rest of the perimeter because sometimes the glue shows through ribbon. I attached the box, and was finished!
Here is the before and after
And here it is back on the shelf looking wonderful!

P.S. Did anyone notice what else is new/different? New post with update coming tomorrow!


  1. so pretty, i think i will try to attempt something similar

  2. This would be great with all those cases of water bottles boxes!

  3. The blue you painted the back of the bookshelf is really pretty. What did you use to attach the fabric . . . glue gun?


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