Saturday, April 7, 2012

pop o' color

Any guesses from the last post on the change in the office? Here's the picture from last post again...

Do you see it? If not, here's the full shot of the bookshelf.
I decided that my plain white bookshelves were just a little too boring, so I painted the back of them teal!  Unfortunately, the color is reading much more blue in these pictures, than it is in real life.  The color I used is Behr Peacock Feather, which I also used on the shoe shelves in the master closet makeover (the color is actually somewhere between what you are seeing in the pictures, and this paint chip from behr.com:
I am super happy with how they turned out, and am even more excited now to paint the office...sometime in the next 2 months.  Unfortunately, I spent so much time painting these because I didn't have the foresight to know I wanted to do this when I put these shelves together.  If I had, and if you plan to do this, I would recommend painting this part of the shelf before putting assembling the whole thing!
Also, check out this amazing chevron tray my Mom got me for my bridal shower.  The teal stripes in this tray match the teal on the bookshelves.  And please excuse the very sad looking shamrock plant.  I just bought this new pot and transplanted it today, so it will take a couple days to get back to its normal perky self.

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