Monday, April 23, 2012

our weekend

Hello all! I made progress on my little sneak peek, but not even close to completion! But, with my lack of work on this project, I was able to get a lot of other things done!

We started out our weekend by going to Fort Collins with our friends Kris and Michelle. We met up at Raising Cane's for dinner (yum), and then went to Holiday Twin for a double feature.  Holiday Twin is a drive-in theater and we opted to go see The Lorax and Mirror Mirror.  The Lorax was super cute! I loved that the little bears looked like Teddy Grahams!  However, it was very cold and windy, so we didn't make it through to the second movie.

Saturday, we headed into Longmont for an eye appointment, and dropped the pups off at Mom and Dad's until we were done.  After my appointment, we completed a lot of wedding tasks...bought programs, decorations for guest table, and centerpieces.  We are having an intimate wedding on a budget, and I can't wait to share how we put everything together, after the big day!

We spent the rest of Saturday at my folk's house.  We came home that evening and I worked on my sneak peek project a bit.  While I was working on this, our pups were looking ever so cute.

Sunday was great, too! We went to church, took the dogs on a walk around the neighborhood, did some yard work and then continued our Bones marathon on Netflix.  We just started Season 6, and I am still loving this show!  After our walk, Bailey quickly took up residence on the cool kitchen floor (she was extremely exhausted!).
The craziest thing about this weekend being over?  We only have 4 more weekends until our wedding weekend! Woo!!! I'm so excited to be a bride, and more importantly, Matthew's wife. :)

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