Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday Happenings

It's Tuesday. Tuesday means Monday has passed (thank goodness), and we're one day closer to another weekend.  Today has been a little nuts. I've got a million projects going on at work, and I'm coming to the end of planning an event, so it's all the last minute details that I'm straightening out.  But, on my lunch break, I managed to get my picture taken for today and can post yesterday's as well.

March 26th - Key

March 27th - Your Name

Our wedding invitation! Well, this is both of our names, but it has my name on it! 

In other wedding news, we received our first RSVP's today, and I found gifts for my lovely bridesmaids.  It's something practical and cute, and hopefully they will love.  I would love to get this gift, so crossing my fingers!

I'm heading out of town tomorrow until Friday, so I also have to pack, get my bangs trimmed (by my favorite hair stylist in the world!), and try to spend some time with Matthew before I leave.  Hopefully I will have time to get to everything! Have a great day!

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