Friday, March 23, 2012

Thinking Outside The Box

A few weeks ago, with big ideas on our minds for the guest room, we were having trouble deciding what to do about nightstands in that room. We wanted something functional, but not expensive since we are on a budget.

Then, one Saturday, we stumbled into the Restore and Matthew spotted this "beauty".

He convinced me that splitting this in two would create perfect nightstands, and for $10, I thought, why not!

So first we had to saw this baby in half (which we actually broke one of my Dad's saw blades, which I still owe him a replacement for (my bad, pop!)).

Then, since this wasn't flush at the top, we had to knock out the top to add a new side and top.

I will tell you that cutting this thing in half was not easy, so our lines were not even close to perfect.  So, we added a board to the side and top to try and even it out.

Matthew caulked in a few places that were not even.

After all of this, it wasn't quite perfect, so we went and picked up some 1/8 inch MDF for like $3 and attached them to the side and top for a better finish.  Of course, I forgot to take a picture (boo), but it worked so well! 

Then, applied a few coats of Behr Cracked Pepper paint, which is a beautiful grey/slate color and voila!

This was such a fun project, and the cost came to less than $25 total for two nightstands! And, I kind of love that they aren't perfect.  Thank you to my wonderful fiance for thinking outside the box. :)

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