Wednesday, March 7, 2012

March Photo Challenge - Catching Up

Today, I decided to start the March Photo challenge.  Obviously, it's March 7th, so I had to get caught up.  Here are my shots from today.

March 1st - Up

Up my stairs...not my favorite picture, but it was the first one!
March 2nd - Fruit
This is my FAVORITE picture from today. 

March 3rd - Your Neighborhood
View out the window of the music room
March 4th - Bedside
This is our puppies' bedside :)
March 5th - A Smile
Check out this cute smile! This honey bear was my Grandfather's and I always used to play with it when I went to his house as a child.  When he passed away, I got to keep it. Now he sits in my office. :)
March 6th - 5pm
Dinner is at, or around 5pm. We had delicious meatball subs tonight.
March 7th - Something You Wore
Another silly picture...but I just got these earrings, and I adore them!
I can already see that my pictures are getting a little better, and I'm so excited to keep this up all month!

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