Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Postcards

Obviously, when we bought our house, I was super excited about owning our first home.  But, I was also very, very excited about sharing our news with friends and family!  I remember when my parents bought our house when I was younger and they sent a postcard to our family members with a picture of the house on it. Connor and I were sitting on the front porch in the picture, and I just loved it.  So when we purchased our house, I was so excited to get to do this as well!

Of course, life took over and it took me months to do this.  It was only when I was addressing wedding invitations and my Mom says to me "Does your Grandmother know you bought a house?" Blerg, I completely forgot to tell everyone that we bought a house. We have told a lot of people in our families, and I know word gets around, but c'mon Erin, let's get this going.  I feel terribly rude.

So, one day, my parents came over and took pictures of us in front of our house.  We picked our favorite.

Then, using Adobe Fireworks, I put together a simple postcard design.

So, as I had seen on a million places online was an offer from Vista Print for 100 Free Postcards. This ad is also conveniently on my blog (which I did not click because that, my friends, is against the rules).

Their site was so easy to use. They charged me $2.50 to upload my design, and another $2.50 to upload a cute image they had to the back of the postcard.  Then, shipping was $4.86. So, for less than $10, I got 100 free postcards! Who knows what I'll ever do with that many postcards, but they were so cheap.  The site said I saved over $32.00 by using that promotion!

So, about 14 days later, my postcards showed up.

They are perfect! Just slightly glossy, but not too glossy and the image looks sharp. And I love the back of them. This cute little tree with the bird house was one of the images they had on their site and I thought it added a nice touch (they're a lot cuter with our address not scratched out!).

We put a little hand written note for each person and sent them on their way a few days ago.  I can just see our friends and family's refrigerators with this cute picture on it, and it makes me smile. :)

These postcards would be great as save the dates for a wedding, and just for generic thank you notes.  Who doesn't need a stack of thank you notes to send out for a quick "Thanks!"?  And, for only 32 cents to send them, you can't beat it!


  1. That's pretty neat! I wish I would've known when we moved last year!

  2. I am loving this idea and we just bought our home in August....so not too long right? Hahaha! We took a family photo in front of the SOLD sign that was in the front yard. I could use that one.

    1. It took me so long to do this after we bought our house! That sounds perfect!


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