Saturday, March 31, 2012

Austin Trip

Last week was such a crazy whirlwind, I cannot even believe how fast it went.  Monday and Tuesday, I was at home, but then Wednesday-Friday I took a quick trip to Austin for business.  It was so beautiful when I was down there.  They have had so much rain and it was just green and lush and all the wild flowers were blooming.  It reminded me so much of why I fell in love with Austin years ago.  

And, the best part about Austin in the spring is the blue bonnets. They are seeded in the medians and are just gorgeous.  I lived in Austin for three years, but two of them were complete droughts, so I've only gotten to see these beautiful flowers once before.

The skyline downtown is so beautiful as well.  I used to go running on the hike and bike trail right downtown by the river, and it was gorgeous everyday (even with all the powerlines)!

It was so wonderful to be in Austin again, I stayed with my future in-laws and seeing everything in the city reminded me so much of when Matthew and I fell in love, all my trips down there from Colorado, and of all the special memories from when we lived there.

Also, last week marks the end of March, so here are the last of my Photo Challenge Pictures:

March 28th - Trash

March 29th - Feet

March 30th - Toy

March 31st - Where You Relax

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