January 25, 2012

Jewelry Frame

Until we moved, I had forgotten how much jewelry I have that I love and never wear.  So I made this very cute jewelry frame, hung it in my closet and voila! Just having your jewelry out among your other pieces makes you want to wear it. 

This frame is the same basic design as the bow holder I posted yesterday, but instead of ribbon for bows, I added mesh for my earrings. I completely failed at taking pictures of this process! But it is very easy!

Materials for this Project:
  • 11" x 14" Frame - Had an extra one laying around
  • Cup Hooks - 100 for $3 at Home Depot
  • Replacement screen for window screens.  $6 for a very large roll
  • Paint - I already had on hand
Total Cost: $9

  1. First I determined that I wanted my cup hooks about 1/2" apart from one another, so I carefully drilled very small holef and then screwed the cup hooks in.  I ended up using pliers to get them in since it started hurting my hand on about cup hook #8.
  2. Then, I painted it a bright teal to match my new shoe display in the closet (Coming Soon!). I left it to dry overnight.
  3. The next morning, I cut out a piece of screen that was about 4 inches bigger than the frame on all sides and I started hot gluing it in.  I must warn you, this part is very annoying to do and I burned myself about 300 times. Make sure you've got plenty of glue on there and that the screen is very tight.
  4. After the glue was all done, I painted over the glue with some black paint I had on hand.  The back of my frame is black.

Here is my frame all finished and in my closet.

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