Friday, January 27, 2012

Desk with Storage

I am so fortunate that I get to work from home, and we found the perfect house that has an office.  It is on the main floor right next to the Kitchen and it is perfect.  However, the desk we have needs to go upstairs in Matthew's music room/office; and our personal computer will go up there.  Plus, I cannot stand his desk; it's definitely not my favorite piece of furniture. :)

So, with my plans to make my office my own space, I set out to build a desk. My office is 8' x 9', so I needed something with enough space to work at, and also some storage.  And, with all these projects going on in the house, I wanted to do this as inexpensively as possible.  Here is what I came up with:

This project was pretty simple, and was only $55!
Materials Needed:
  • 2 short bookcases - Mine were from Walmart (31" x 29") and were $16/each
  • Door (30" x 80") - I chose a hollow door from Home Depot because I don't have that much on my desk, but I would recommend getting something more sturdy if you have more on your desk. $23
  • White paint - I had on hand for other projects.
Total Cost: $55

I bought my door at Home Depot, but they do not cut doors there, so we had to cut about 20" off with a table saw.  

Since my door is hollow, one end will always be open. But, I'm not too concerned about this since my desk will always be against a wall.  And, if I ever wanted to have the desk off of the wall, I could add some trim all around for a nice touch.

Then, I painted my door with three coats of white paint. I left this to dry and put together my bookcases.  

One of them will be against a wall, and the other one will be out in the open, so I painted the back of it white to match the rest of the desk.

I left everything to dry overnight, and the next morning put it all together!

This desk offers a nice big space for me to work and so much storage as well.  I will probably end up bolting the bookcases to the door eventually, and might do a coat of poly on the top to seal it.

Right now the office is so bland with all the white, but I plan to paint the walls in the near future and the white desk will pop!

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