Thursday, December 20, 2012

our house at christmas - 2012

I am calling it...we are officially done decorating for Christmas! And with a whole 5 days to spare! :) This is the first Christmas for us in this house, and it's been a ton of fun decorating it!  Who's ready for a house tour? Just a heads up, this is a looong post...I'm talking 37 pictures.

If you don't remember from this post, this is what the outside of our house looks like right now:
Step inside the front door, and you will be greeted by this cute little entry decor:
I made this sign the same way I made the O Holy Night art, and the christmas bunting, but used a canvas instead of fabric. And these reindeer were a gift from Matt's parents a few years ago.  They were from Pottery barn.
On the shelves, we've got this cute little Frosty The Snowman dish set that I've had since I was a little girl, and our nativity scene.  It was a cheap set that we got from Walmart a few years ago.  It's not terrible, but we have been on the hunt for one we really love, to replace it. A great nativity scene is hard to find!
Next up is the living room, which I must say, is my favorite spot in the house right now!
There's the O Holy Night art I was talking about earlier.  I just love how everything looks with the updated fireplace.  On the mantel, we've got some lighted garland with little bunches of cranberries.
We've also got this beautiful golden tree that we picked up at Michael's the other night for only $10! FYI - all of their Christmas decor is on sale and/or clearance right now!
And we've got these candlesticks that I picked up at Kohl's a few years ago.  I used some leftover burlap and wrapped it around these candles to make them a bit more rustic.
 Part of me would love to have beautiful, matching stockings, but these are ours, and they are special. You'll notice that a lot of our decorations are not necessarily our style, but I feel that a lot of that goes out the window at Christmas time.  It's much more about the traditional and sentimental items, than about something super stylish, for us.  I've had my stocking since I was a baby, and the two empty hooks are for Matthew's parent's stockings, since they are celebrating with us, this year!
 On the shelves, we just have a few decorations, including a snowflake candleholder,  some sprigs of bronzed cranberries, and the little baby Jesus and lamb that I made in Sunday School when I was about 6 years old.

And last, but certainly not least in this room, is this cute little reindeer my Grandpa made me when I was little.  It warms my heart every year to see him in our house, and to look at this tag and know my Grandfather wrote this himself.  He passed when I was only 11, so it's nice to have things around that remind me of him.
And there is the living room, looking from the dining room.
Speaking of the dining room, the decoration is limited to just the centerpiece, really.  
Remember at Thanksgiving when I told you that there was a centerpiece similar to that one for Christmas? Well, here it is! I love the "log" candles on this one!
 Right off the dining room, we have the Advent Calendar hanging on the basement door.  I made this calendar a few years ago, based on the one I grew up with, that my Grandma made for my Mom.
This is no ordinary advent calendar, I tell you.  This calendar is based not only on the traditional ornaments on a tree, but also things and people that I love.  For instance, how many of you have the Star Trek Enterprise (my Dad), Snoopy (my Mom), and a record (my Brother) on your advent calendar tree?
In our kitchen, we added just a few things to decorate for the season, including the bunting I made yesterday, and the Christmas Card holder I made last week.  We've also got some ornaments in the glass vase on the console table; that was all my hubby! That man has an eye for decor. :)
 On top of the cabinets, we have lighted garland (that we turn on at night), and these NOEL letters that I made...I'll be sharing soon!
 We also have these wooden reindeer that were in my house when I was a kid. 
The kitchen is all set for some baking to happen this weekend, and for me to cook my first ham ever, on Christmas!
Upstairs, we have just a few decorations, including this miniature tree in our room.
 And of course, my argyle Christmas water bottle on my nightstand!
In the guest room, as I told you the other day when I made this plaid art, we added just a bit of decoration to make it cozy, and festive for our guests.
And finally, we have this cute little guy in the guest bath.  He's cousin to the santa in the picture above; I got them both at Pier 1 a few years ago.
And that's our house, all set for Christmas! I just love how it has all come together, and I've gotten to make so many things to add to it! It will be so wonderful to celebrate with family in our home this year.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

diy christmas bunting

The Christmas art continues, and today's project was extremely easy! It only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish to make this cute Joy bunting for the old window in our kitchen area.
All you need for this project is material (I used a cheap linen fabric that I get from Michaels for $2.40/yd after a coupon, so I only used a few pennies worth here), twine, paint, pen and paper. Start by cutting out each piece of your bunting.  Mine are about 6" x 5", folded over (so actually 12" x 5"), but you can make yours whatever size you want. 

This step is optional, but if you have some stitch witchery lying around, you can create a space for the twine to go through each piece, and they won't fall off.  I did this just because I had it in the craft closet.
 Then, I found the font "Christmas/Flakes" to use for my letters.  You can either print out the word in the size you want, or you can simply trace the letters onto a piece of paper like I do, because my printer doesn't currently have ink.  The font actually has cute little snowflakes in it, but I left those out for this.
Then, I simply cut out each letter to create stencils, and then taped them to each piece to begin painting.
For my color, I mixed two acrylic paints: black and crimson.
I love this red.  It is absolutely the perfect "Christmas Red" in my mind! 
 Using my fingers to press down the sides of the stencil and keeping it close to the fabric, I simply painted inside with a teeny brush.
 I often leave bridges on letters like "o", so I had to touch up a bit.
 But with such tiny touch ups, it comes out pretty perfect!
 A few minutes later, my letters were all done!
 I pushed twine through each of these, and I was all done! This tiny, simple project gave this window just enough decoration to be just perfect! You could do this same project in any space, with any word (Peace, Love, Merry Christmas, Noel, etc)! On your mantel, on a real window, over a picture frame, the possibilities are endless!
Another project is done, and the house is almost finished! You can check out some of my other
Christmas diy projects here:
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